The Truth About Your Night Sweats

Waking up drenched in sweat? If you wake up drenched in sweat, think of your armpits as evidence. You do not have to do sleuthing to figure out what is prompting your perspiration. Night Sweats. Therefore, we are uncovering the truth about this pesky symptom and what your body is really telling you.Firstly, night [...]

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6 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Sermorelin…

6 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Starting Sermorelin Injections If you are considering Semorelin injections as a part of your medical weight loss treatment plan, you probably have a lot of questions. Be sure to ask your weight loss doctor these 5 questions before starting treatment with Sermorelin. 1. IS SERMORELIN RIGHT FOR ME? If you are one of [...]

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Dietary supplements: Do They Help or Hurt?

Published by Harvard Health Publishing Original article: What you need to know before taking a vitamin or mineral supplement. The average American diet leaves a lot to be desired. Research finds our plates lacking in a number of essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and D. It's no wonder that more [...]

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MIC Injection for Weight Loss

What is in MIC Injections? It can be said that MIC Injections will reteach the body how to function. MIC Injections can give weight loss efforts a boost and the benefits of weight loss will be seen sooner. What is in MIC Injections? The name stands for the MIC injection’s ingredients: Methionine: This is one of the ten [...]

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Slow the Effects of Menopause and Andropause Naturally

We often hear about menopause, and it is frustrating symptoms for women, but did you know that it can happen to men too? Male menopause, or andropause is real, and like in women, it can cause symptoms that range from uncomfortable to life-altering, even increasing your risk for diseases and other serious health issues. We [...]

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