In a world experiencing more mental health “depression” concerns than at any other time in history, we find ourselves asking “Why has this become such a problem?” Isolation, loneliness, and depression have increased. The results of the global pandemic have brought more attention to mental health concerns than ever before. Is there a solution to inspiring hope at New Leaf Wellness?

Yes… HOPE is that solution.

Hope is a feeling of expectation and the desire for something to happen or change. Do you hope to LIVE LIFE BETTER? New Leaf Wellness brings that state of HOPE to hundreds of patients. Let yourself be one of those patients!

Often, we lump the terms “hopes, dreams, and goals” together. It is hard to accomplish dreams and establish goals without having hope. Hope is at the foundation of all we do and wants to achieve. Fueling our passions and following our dreams gives us purpose and a sense of belonging within society. It all begins with hope.

Individuals who lack hope don’t dream, don’t set goals, have little passion, and struggle to find purpose. The result often is giving up, throwing in the towel, or saying, “Why even try?” When individuals are ready to give up, they are more susceptible to feeling bad, depressed, and even moody. We must inspire hope and encourage people to dream once again.

HOPE: Honoring Opportunities and Purpose for Everyone

The root of change is hope. Without hope, changes will be rough. Studies show that having just one person you trust and confide in impacts your sense of hope and increases your ability to set and achieve dreams. With our therapies at New Leaf Wellness, we can inspire hope in others. If you want to inspire hope, here are some tips:

Simple tips that will help you inspire hope in others:

  1. Smile and say hello to people.
  2. Ask simple questions that show you care. (How are you doing?)
  3. Find out what they are interested in or what motivates them.
  4. Ask what they are passionate about.
  5. Ask them about their dreams and goals.
  6. Encouraging others to take action to pursue their dreams with SMART goals.
  7. Don’t judge or criticize.
  8. Celebrate success.
  9. Listen and be slow to speak.
  10. Encourage others to keep going and not give up.

HOPE: Helping Others Pursue their Everything

We all can make positive changes in our lives and inspire positive change in others. The solution is to inspire hope in a few people, and they inspire hope in a few more. We can all be a part of a much-needed change in the world. Want the solution to inspiring hope? Start by inspiring HOPE.

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