‘Twas the Night Before the Holiday Party!

‘Twas the night before the Holiday party, joyous and elate,
Excitement filled the air, as I prepared to celebrate.

At New Leaf Wellness, a revelation took flight,
Natural Hormone Therapy, a beacon shining bright.

My worries were eased, like a gentle, soothing breeze,
As I embraced the promise of wellness with such ease.

The hormones aligned, a symphony within,
A transformation began, a journey to begin.

No longer confined to worries and strife,
I danced through the night, embracing a new life.

The dress in my closet, a symbol of grace,
Enhanced by vitality, a radiant embrace.

Nestled in comfort, in this newfound repose,
A harmony of hormones, my essence composed.

Away to share my joy, the story to unfold,
Of New Leaf Wellness, where transformations are told.

With confidence blooming, like a flower in spring,
I reveled in the joy that Natural Hormone Therapy could bring.

Now, every holiday, a testament to glee,
Thanks to New Leaf Wellness, a gift to me.

On estrogen! On progesterone! A symphony so divine,
Harmony restored, like a cherished vintage wine.

Here’s to the radiance, the balance, the cheer,
To happy hormones and a joyous new year!

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