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Your personalized weight loss program will be customized based on your current weight, age, sex, and weight loss goals. You will be given a personalized diet plan and guided by the staff at New Leaf Wellness throughout your weigh loss therapy.

  • Rapid weight loss (approximately 1/2 to greater than 1 pound per day)**
  • There is no limit to how long you can stay on this diet; however, the Providers at New Leaf recommend you pause, then re-start the program to get the maximum boost in metabolism.
  • Very low occurrence of rebound, no dependency, and a positive effect on your metabolism

As a New Leaf patient your Weight Loss program includes:

  • Physical Exam and Medical Evaluation by a Licensed Medical Provider
  • Nutritional and Diet Training
  • hCG Injectable Medication
  • Weekly appointments offering support, guidance and accountability on your weight loss journey
Metabolic Healing and Dietary Lifestyle Plan supports not only weight loss but a healthier lifestyle.


  • Wise Choices
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Environment
  • Activity
  • Outlook
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Reaching Goals


  • Reduce Insulin Resistance
  • Increase In Energy
  • Support Weight Loss
  • Enhance Cellular Repair
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress
  • Beneficial For Heart Health
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Autophagy Begins
  • Metabolism Increase
  • Appetite Correction
  • Brain Health
  • Anti-Aging

Metabolic Healing and Dietary Lifestyle Plan consists of a provider evaluation and then working with the patient to set up a program that best fits with their current lifestyle. Supplements are also a part of the program.

New Leaf’s Advanced Weight Loss Therapy combines a customized low calorie diet with specific medical dosing of human Chorionic Gonadotrop (hCG). hCG is a natural protein hormone found in trace amounts in every cell of the body in both men and women. It acts as a precursor to the production of hormones. Researchers have found that administering small doses of hCG appears to decrease body fat and sustain lean body mass while dieting.
  • Personalized RAPID weight loss (as much as one pound per day)**
  • Reduces hunger pains**
  • Renews energy**
  • Improves mood**
  • Preserves muscle integrity**
  • Increases metabolism**
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels**
  • Boosts men’s testosterone**
  • Controls women’s estrogen**
  • Instills healthier eating habits**
  • Used for over 50 years to assist in weight loss for both men and women

** Individual results vary and are affected by baseline metabolism, medical conditions, and compliance with program.

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