The providers in the field of wellness aren’t seeing sick patients every day. They aren’t trying to turn and burn patients, and they’re consistently in this field for the same reason: To offer their patients a higher quality of life through holistic care. Specifically, providers working in hormone replacement therapy have proven to be truly wellness driven.

Is Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe

Do patients at New Leaf Wellness ever wonder if their PCP takes hormones, or if they have ever considered it? At New Leaf, our providers trust Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy completely. Our hormones (pellets, creams, orals) come from New Leaf Specialty Compounding Pharmacy, which they are committed to providing safe, effective compounding treatments.

In fact, many of our providers are also a patient of New Leaf Wellness. To us, that just seems right. New Leaf’s founding Medical Director, Dr. Robert Sieman (, saw just how powerful hormone replacement therapy can be, and decided to bring that power to his community.

Our Natural Hormone Therapy is incredibly powerful in combating the tell-tale symptoms of aging. The reason so many of us begin to feel old as we age is a decline in hormone production. Hormones control our bodily functions and mental well-being. Hormone replacement therapy gives us back our youth, literally.

“New Leaf should be renamed the fountain of youth! My wife and I started testosterone treatments at 71 and that sent us on our second honeymoon that was better than our first, 50 years ago!”

– New Leaf Wellness Hormone Patient

A Better Way to Age

We’re honored and privileged to be entrusted with our patient’s wellness; we want to help you live your best life! Contact us today to discuss treatment options and whether you may be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy.

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