[UPDATE on 8.8.18 Now offered as the Des Moines, Iowa location!]

Dermaplaning is one of the hottest new skin care services in the industry.  That’s right…you’re certainly intrigued now. Here’s our ultimate guide to dermaplaning…

It’s not really new though. Japanese women have been utilizing facial “shaving” as an anti aging treatment for decades.

Today, I would like to take you on an exfoliation endeavor. I will teach you all about dermaplaning, from what it is, to who should receive it, and why you’ll keep it up in the future.

What is Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a physical skin rejuvenation treatment that removes dead skin and vellus facial hair (peach fuzz), producing more radiant, smooth skin. An Esthetician or RN gently strokes a sterile blade along the surface of the skin to “shave” off unwanted cells and hair.

If you’re thinking to yourself now, “you want to put a what to my face?” – you are not the only one.

Yes, a sterile surgical blade is used, and yes, many women initially express concerns.

All of these women, though, quickly come to love the results (in my experience).

The service is completely safe and pain-free. It’s important to iterate the importance of finding a trained, licensed professional to perform this service. This is not something you can do at home. This is not something an inexperienced provider should do. Dermaplaning takes precision and must be performed by an experienced professional.

Dermaplaning vs. Shaving

Dermaplaning is not facial shaving, but it is. Have I lost you? Shaving is defined as “cutting the hair off one’s face with a razor.” Dermaplaning uses a scalpel blade, not a razor, but it does cut the hair off the face. Dermaplaning works in similar fashion to at-home razors but is significantly more aggressive.
Both the blade and razors are placed at a 45-degree angle to achieve optimum results with a minimal result in injury (you may experience the occasional nick).

So, what’s the difference?

  • Dermaplaning is more aggressive than shaving.
  • Dermaplaning uses a surgical, disposable blade.
  • Dermaplaning cannot be performed at home.
  • Dermaplaning blades are singular, whereas razors are usually stacked with 2-3 blades.
  • Dermaplaning is a skin rejuvenation treatment intended to remove dead skin cells and improve fine lines, wrinkles, and improve skin tone and texture.
  • Dermaplaning should not be used to get rid of terminal hair (such as beard hair).
  • Dermaplaning should not be received any sooner than 21 days apart.

Let’s now discuss the benefits so you may understand why the industry is abuzz over this service. 

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Fact: Did you know Marilyn Monroe regularly shaved her face?

  • Ask any skin care professional (or Hollywood actress) what the secret to flawless, youthful skin is, and they’ll tell you it’s exfoliation.
  • Dermaplaning is one of the best methods of exfoliation that has zero downtime – a major plus.
  • Some clients experience mild erythema (superficial reddening of the skin), but it subsides quickly. Besides that, and the radiant skin recently achieved, no one would ever know a service was rendered

Top 11 Benefits of Dermaplaning

  1. Eliminates vellus hair and dead skin cells.
  2. Increases product absorption and efficacy (products work better).
  3. Promotes cellular proliferation (your anti aging BFF.)
  4. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. Improves skin texture.
  6. Lessen acne occurrence.
  7. Makeup application is smooth and flawless.
  8. No down time. (Seriously, you can schedule this at lunch.)
  9. Brightens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation.
  10. Great alternative for those with sensitive skin or rosacea.
  11. Safe for all skin types.

Exfoliating the skin also stimulates circulation and increases blood flow to the epidermal layers of the skin. The epidermis does not contain blood vessels and receives nutrients through diffusion. By stimulating blood flow, essential nutrients are delivered to the epidermis and thereby supports anti aging and radiant skin.

What is a Dermaplaning Service Like?

As mentioned earlier, dermaplaning is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is safe and highly effective without downtime. The service takes less than 1 hour with results lasting 4-8 weeks. It can be repeated monthly.

If you have questions or ready to schedule, contact a New Leaf Wellness staff member today! We’re now offering dermaplaning at all locations.