How is your skin handling the winter weather? It is no secret that winter weather can wreak havoc on an otherwise healthy complexion. Don’t fret! New Leaf Wellness has put together a list of three tips to keep your skin healthy and beautiful this winter.

Use Sunscreen
Don’t be fooled by the overcast skies! Just because the sun is not out as much in the winter does not mean it cannot affect and damage your skin. Make sure your skin is protected by wearing sunscreen year-round.

Expert tip! Look for makeup that also has SPF protection. Available at most of our clinics is SPF-50 Compact, either in Beige or Honey, the perfect way to incorporate SPF into your daily routine.

Stay Hydrated
Winter weather is synonymous with dry skin. When it’s cold outside, our skin struggles to stay hydrated as there is less moisture in the air for our skin to absorb. Even if you consistently hydrate your skin, you may find that your skin still lacks the deep hydration it needs. In office treatments at New Leaf Wellness can deliver results that you cannot achieve at home. Our Eclipse Microneedling treatment can nourish dehydrated skin by introducing an infusion of HA to hydrate and protect your skin from harsh elements that winter brings.

Built up damaged and dead skin cells can dull your complexion and work against a healthy and luminous glow. As cellular turnover slows during the winter season, it is important to kick-start your skin’s renewal through manual exfoliation. A patient favorite all year long, The VI Peel is especially popular during the winter months.

After your skin peels from the VI Peel, your skin will be soft, smooth and supple with reduced winter related congestion, fine lines, and dry, flaky skin.

Don’t let your skin fall victim to the winter weather. Take care of your skin at New Leaf Wellness. Get your glow back by scheduling your one-on-one consultation today.