GAC injections – what are they?

GAC stands for “GlutamineArginineCarinitine”. It may sound like Latin, but these are actually three separate amino acids contained in a single high performance injection. It’s a key supplement for anyone looking to lose weight, keep it off and maintain strong energy levels.

Weightloss in 1-2-3!

The first step in weight loss is burning fat. To help give the body a kickstart it can often be helpful to get a boost of Carinitine. As a supplement to the amount already produced by the liver and kidneys, it can help a body pick up the pace by converting more fat to energy. More energy means more fuel to burn the fat, and the process just keeps going!

The next step is Glutamine which is the most plentiful of the amino acids. If Carinitine helps break down parts of the body, Glutamine helps put them back together stronger and better than before. It makes exercise recovery more efficient which leads to better response times and endurance. Not only that, but it also converts energy stores to glycogen instead of fat, making energy much more accessible for immediate use and preventing weight gain due to fat.

The last step is Arginine. This is a speed booster for your system, assisting in increasing blood flow and affecting performance in a number of positive ways. And if you think it’ll help your exercise regime, just wait – it also gives a welcome boost to sexual performance. By raising hormone levels and facilitating blood flow, it can result in a higher sex drive and better ability to meet it.

Weightloss for YOU!

So that’s GAC, a little acronym with big benefits. If you’re interested in weight loss, higher energy and better performance in more ways than one, GAC could be a big help.

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