6 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Sermorelin…

6 Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Starting Sermorelin Injections If you are considering Semorelin injections as a part of your medical weight loss treatment plan, you probably have a lot of questions. Be sure to ask your weight loss doctor these 5 questions before starting treatment with Sermorelin. 1. IS SERMORELIN RIGHT FOR ME? If you are one of [...]

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Sleep without Medication

Want to know how to sleep without medication? Do you ever have trouble sleeping?? Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?? You are not alone! Lack of quality sleep is a big problem and it is a cause of many other problems. There are prescription medications that can help you, but they can be addictive and [...]

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Male Menopause?

Male Menopause? What's that? Even though there is more public talk about women and menopause, men also encounter a hormonal imbalance as they age (andropause). Because women tend to have a more abrupt hormonal change they are more likely than men to realize that their symptoms are from a hormonal imbalance. Men tend to have a more [...]

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Sermorelin, HGH And Anti Aging

Sermorelin has generated a lot of buzz recently within the scientific community as a safe and effective way to increase growth hormone production naturally.  Sermorelin is an FDA approved prescription drug, first developed in the 1970’s, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and release human growth hormone (HGH).  Unlike HGH therapy, which directly replaces [...]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

 Many people are turning toward hormone therapy due to its many benefits and long lasting healthy effects on the human body. These hormone replacement therapy methods are mostly required as a person gets older, probably in their thirties or after. People turn towards NHT because there must have been changes in his or her body [...]

2019-10-21T08:57:46-04:00June 2nd, 2017|Hormone, Men, Vitamins and Wellness, Weight Loss, Women|
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