We should all be able to live a long time and with a good memory. Losing your brain function is not normal, nor should it be accepted. It is time that we all realized that we are meant to live vibrantly and not slowly deteriorate for many years. So, let’s talk about the relationship of sugar and memory.

Sugar and Memory

In today’s society, many people lose brain functioning as they age and there are many causes. Of course we all know about Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease but did you know that stress, nutrition, and hormonal imbalance all can cause a bit of brain fog? I have seen a lot of patients get evaluated for memory loss, only to find out that it was one of those three things.

Sugar and Gluten

Sugar and gluten are two of the big culprits I see in a person’s diet that can affect memory. Excess alcohol/caffeine and artificial sweeteners are other things that can impact memory. Also a lack of certain nutrient can cause you to have an issue with memory. Low testosterone is often a cause and rarely checked for by doctors. If you are having memory issues that no one can figure out for you, then I advise a full nutritional evaluation, hormonal evaluation, and an evaluation of how you can manage your stress. You will be surprised how easy it can be to fix your brain when you appropriately find the problem.

Tired of Being Tired?

A common symptom we see in first-time visitors is brain fog or fatigue. Most patients say something to the tune of, “I am tired all the time” or “I am so tired of being tired“. Feeling energetic is also one of the first after effects of being a NLW patient. Like Kim and other NLW patients, they enjoying life much better!

“More energy, weight control, better sex drive, sleep better, no hot flashes or night sweats anymore.”

– Kim S., NLW Patient

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[NLW] therapy, I was always tired and lethargic, not much get up and go, not much interest in sex, low exercise tolerance, irritability and mood swings. lack of sleep. All around not too happy. Now since [treatment], sex drive sky rocketed, more energy, better nights sleep, much much happier person and happy wife.”

– Dan H., NLW Patient

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