More on Vitamin C

Studies have shown that 1000mg of vitamin C daily can reduce the duration and severity of the common cold, and even reduce the chance of developing a cold. Also, in two separate studies “absence from school and work was reduced by 14-21% per episode.” Additionally, studies found “common cold incidence decreased by on average 50%, and in four trials of British males common cold incidence decreased by on average 30% in the vitamin C groups.”

“I loved my experience with IV Therapy! I saw a dramatic improvement, nearly immediately after the treatment I had cold symptoms and felt run down before the treatment. After the treatment, I felt refreshed! The IV Therapy room was relaxing and calming with very comfortable chairs. I would recommend this treatment again and again!!”

– Jessica K., New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more testimonials >>

Inadequate Vitamin C

Without regular supplementation of vitamin C, your levels can quickly drop. With inadequate vitamin C, cells are less able to detect and destroy invading organisms or harmful cells, leaving one vulnerable to dangerous infections.

“I am a very busy business professional/traveler and when I needed a boost to my immune system, enhance my energy level and combat the stressful work environment I turned to New Leaf Wellness and the IV Nutrition Therapy. In just 45 minutes I was back at it, able to push myself and accomplish a very strenuous project. With IV Nutrition, essential vitamins and nutrients go directly into the bloodstream and for my busy lifestyle this gives me the edge I need.”

– Abraham A., New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more testimonials>>

Healthier 2019

IV Nutritional Therapy has made the difference in times of need for our patients. For example, have an upcoming milestone event you don’t want to miss, a trip you planned long ago you’ve been looking forward to or even a stressful project at work… Our patients experience less down time and quicker recovery when ill by choosing IV Nutritional Therapy. To learn more or see our locations, contact us today!

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