What Does Stress do to Your Hormones and Health? When you get stressed, overwhelmed, bouts of anxiety your hypothalamus goes to work. Your hypothalamus triggers the release of adrenaline and then tells the Pituitary to pump out some ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) which then finally tells your adrenal glands to release the all to famous stress hormone Cortisol!!! Cortisol is an important hormone and we need it or we die! So don’t be so quick to think negatively of cortisol. If it weren’t for cortisol when you got under stress your body would not know how to function. It has a large amount to do with blood sugar being released when you’re under stressed or working hard/ exercising. It also wakes you up in the morning.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is your wake up hormone and melatonin is your sleep hormone. They are literally opposites. It also helps fight off infection. But if too high, it can start breaking down your muscle tissue. There is more to the biological regulation picture of stress, but for now just understand there is a TON going on when you get stressed. It triggers cortisol to go high, turns off your digestion, down regulates your parasympathetic nervous system, turns down your hormone production, and causes your brain to get inflamed.

Food Intake

A few things you can start to do immediately is reduce your intake of inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. Get more wholesome real foods into your body like healthy fats, high quality proteins, tons and tons of veggies and real produce. Grow a garden or get to the farmers markets!!! Slow down and do more intentional quality LIVING.

Self Love

Do things that fill your heart and soul with happiness and joy. Say no to extra projects or things that don’t light you up. Get to sleep earlier and learn ways to protect yourself from blue lights. Like did you know your iphone has a setting you can turn off your blue lights at night and switch it to a red tint??? It’s under your settings, accessibility and display/ text setting and press color filters, go to tint, then press your power button three times to switch blue lights off.

I love my meditation, prayer time and playing with my sound healing tools. That is one of the best ways I reduce my stress.

Now is the time to slow down, rest more, Enter a more “Yin” state of being more often, find a day to go get a massage, make time to get out in mother natures healing forces, Ground your bare feet on the earth, listen to calming music, turn off your TV more often, don’t listen to the negative news or draining people. Stay in your happy bubble. Life and your mental well being are way too precious!

Get into an activity or support group that makes you feel good, loved, and accepted. There is so much research about how we can die early from loneliness. Find your tribe, and love them hard! I love you!!!

Simplify = Less Stress

What does stress do to your hormones and health? Stress steals years of your life and can make you down right crabby. So do whatever you can to simplify your life!!! You don’t need to be the best, just do the best YOU CAN DO! Comparing ourselves to others will for sure stress us out, so don’t do that. Honor the beautiful uniqueness YOU are meant to be!!! Here’s to saying NO to stress for hormone and health in your life!

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