Do you sleep enough? Are you able to recover well? Do you have a good quality of sleep? These questions arise regularly…. but why?

Sleep and Recovery

The answer is very simple. Sleeping is a physiological function essential to the proper functioning of our body and is essential to ensure our mental, emotional and physical health. When we have a poor quality of sleep or have too little sleep, every facet of our body can feel harmful effects; Whether it be our appetite, our level of energy, our performance or our well-being. You may feel that sleep is synonymous with inactivity; But on the contrary, a good night’s sleep is one of the most effective remedies ever! By sleeping, your system benefits from countless benefits such as having more energy, better stress management, preventing weight gain, strengthening the immune system and many others.

“My husband and I appreciate New Leaf so much, we joke New Leaf treatments are cheaper than a divorce! Before the treatments, I had terrible hot flashes and night sweats that woke me laying in a pool of sweat. I was moody and very much against my nature, very irritable over little things. Our sex life had tapered off somewhat, but, it is now as great as when we first married. I very much recommended New Leaf to my menopausal friends!”

– Kelly P., New Leaf Wellness Patient in Clive, Iowa

At New Leaf Wellness, we firmly believe that the quality of sleep is essential to the proper functioning of the body and the mind. That’s why many of our treatments have benefits closely related to sleep! Among the many ways we can treat, Natural Hormone Therapy is at the top of the list and helps reduce insomnia. This amazing therapy equals the benefits of deep sleep and so much more so call for information!

Don’t wait until your quality of life is challenged or your relationships suffer due to your stacking symptoms. Natural Hormone Therapy has a wide range of benefits. Take our quiz to see how you score on your current hormone related symptoms.

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