How Avoiding Gluten Can Prevent Acne and Help You Lose Weight! (Part 2)

I know from personal experience that leaving gluten out of the diet will help with overall health and so many people can drop weight and get smoother, more clear and even-toned skin. So, here is even more information as to our previous post sharing how gluten can affect your body and hinder optimal health.

Leaving Wheat Alone

Wheat is one of the biggest offenders when you’re looking at getting gluten out of your diet and keeping it away from your intestines (others are rye, spelt, and barley). Not only is the gluten an issue, but by avoiding wheat, you are potentially helping to avoid a pull to eat more and more junk food that can lead to weight gain or at least difficulty losing extra pounds.

Find Yourself Craving Carbs?

Wheat is addictive on its own and contributes to visceral fat because of the insulin spikes it causes (Nope, you Are not immune to those just by avoiding white bread!), but it also triggers you to seek out more refined carbs made with wheat flour. When you avoid gluten, you are avoiding all products with wheat and stopping the cycle. In turn, you are avoiding something that may increase inflammation in your body and contribute to the storage of visceral fat.

What Does That Mean?

Reduced acne, a smaller waistline, and increased Beauty Energy!

A Word of Caution: you can’t just cut out gluten and replace all those foods you used to eat with gluten-free pre-packaged snacks.

That won’t work. The amount of oils and other not-so-great ingredients they contain can also contribute to weight gain and acne over time. Gluten-free pretzels! Too good to be true. Yes, they are. We bring up pretzels, because they are a one number favorite junk food for many. There are gluten-free pretzels, but they are not the tastiest. So, if you must have pretzels, just take a handful and throw the rest of the bag away. They are a weakness of many, but in all other respects, avoid the junky gluten-free treats. It’s best to go gluten-free without all these distractions and just choose natural snacks from the produce section of the grocery store. Or try some better options, like Mary’s Gone Crackers which are made with higher quality ingredients.

Reset Your System After You Drop Gluten for Good

When you are removing gluten from your diet, it’s important to take some extra steps in order to restore the gut’s health and accelerate the healing process. Give the amount of beneficial flora in your gut a boost by taking your probiotics daily.

For all your supplement needs

Remember, the balance of the bacteria in your gut affects your skin, which is also an eliminative organ. Probiotics also assists with digestion, leading to less congestion and fat storage in the body. Another option might be a Glutathione Push, they are fantastic at supporting a cleanse. Eat more foods that decrease inflammation, like ginger, turmeric, leafy greens, broccoli, blueberries, flaxseed, avocados, and mushrooms. Stay away from the ones that cause inflammation, too, of course. If you are following a complete beauty plan in addition to eliminating gluten, you may notice your skin glowing in as little as just a few days. Remember, it may take a while to see dramatic results. The inflammation will not go down overnight. Give the gluten-free life a try for at least a couple of weeks before forming an opinion.


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