Both men and women need optimal Testosterone levels. Testosterone surprisingly effects more than we realize. When we review lab work, patients are always interested in understanding how hormones effect their issues with sleep, concentration and other psychological factors. Truth be told, sometimes we can just get a little “off” and it can throw a lot of our daily body functions out of whack. We see a lot of men and women for testosterone therapy, and here is why:

“It is putting me in balance and I am becoming active again.”

– David B. New Leaf Wellness Patient

Benefits of Testosterone:

  1. Decrease joint and muscle pain.
  2. One of the best anti-depressants around. It helps to elevate your mood naturally and enable you to feel balanced.
  3. Helps you to reduce fat and increase muscle mass (appropriately for your size).
  4. Helps to improve your focus, concentration, and memory.
  5. Aides you in getting a better night’s sleep.
  6. Increases your energy and motivation.
  7. Increases your libido (sex drive), if a low Testosterone level is the source of a lessened libido. (libido has a lot to do with psychological factors as we)
  8. Improves your endurance and ability to recover after exercise.
  9. For men–Testosterone is important for having healthy erections. (please note that men can have sub optimal Testosterone levels and yet still have a decent libido and erections–do not be fooled into thinking that your Testosterone levels are great just because you still have a libido and erections.)For Women–Testosterone decreases or eliminates your night sweats and overall feeling of “being too warm”.
  10. Testosterone enhances your overall well being.

“I started New Leaf in November of 2014. I weighed 285 pounds. New Leaf treatments gave me the energy to start working out again and over 18 months I lost 95 pounds through exercise and healthy eating, NOT DIETING, I’m too old for that. During my 18 months I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I was told I would miss several weeks of work and take months to recover. I missed 10 days of work and returned to the gym 2 weeks after my treatments which I attribute to my hormone therapy at New Leaf.”

– Van P., New Leaf Wellness Patient

Testosterone is a needed hormone and when your body is at optimal levels, it makes it easier to bounce back from whatever lies throws your way.

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both men and women. Optimizing your Testosterone level by utilizing the Natural Hormone Therapy at New Leaf Wellness is an important part of your overall wellness as you age in today’s world.

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