Welcome Kris Wiese, fitness expert from MyGenetx today for her guest blogging for New Leaf Wellness.

Whether you are an early bird that gets the worm or a night owl that burns the oil, a workout regimen based on your optimum time of day can provide benefits. According to many sources, one is not better than the other. They both have advantages.

Morning Workout Benefits:

  • Boosting endorphins in the morning revs up your metabolism for the day!
  • Raising your body temperature helps wake you up quickly.
  • The quiet of the morning can mean less distractions and temptations to to ditch the workout.
  • When you finish an early workout, the tone is set for the day and you are more likely to eat healthy.
  • Sleep should come easy after a morning workout and full day of activity.

Evening Workout Benefits:

  • Late afternoons and early evenings are great to work off any stress of the day, which will reduce your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol that can lead to over eating.
  • Less warm-up time is required. (You may need an hour or two cool down before bed to prepare your body for good night’s sleep.)
  • Between 2pm-6pm is the peak time for a workout based on enzyme activity and muscular function.
  • If the workout is the last task of the day, you will have no time constraints.

On days when you feel great, you can extend your workout time!

When combined with a healthy diet, four workouts a week are encouraged for weight loss. If you are not sure what your optimum time is, try two morning workouts and two night workouts the first week to determine the best fit.

Information provided by Kris Wiese, Healthcare Content Specialist Director of Communications at MyGenetx. For more on fitness, contact Kris at info@newleafcenters.com.


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