What is in MIC Injections?
It can be said that MIC Injections will reteach the body how to function. MIC Injections can give weight loss efforts a boost and the benefits of weight loss will be seen sooner.

What is in MIC Injections? The name stands for the MIC injection’s ingredients:

  • Methionine: This is one of the ten essential amino acids. Methionine is considered a lipotropic amino acid, so it is responsible for reducing fat and cholesterol levels. It is the M in MIC injections.
  • Inositol: This is a co-factor that works with Vitamin E, C, and B vitamins to also metabolize fats and cholesterol, but also does the extra work of transporting and redistributing fat in the body so that it can be used where it is actually needed (not around the belly or in the thighs, for example). It is the I in MIC injections.
  • Choline: This is a co-factor that works beautifully with Methionine because it also is responsible for metabolizing lipids. It is the C in MIC injections.

Exactly How Can MIC Injections Benefit People Who Are Overweight?

As a team, the combined work of the three ingredients in MIC injections help your body learn to use fat properly, breakdown fats, and prevent the body from storing extra fat. Combining MIC injections with Vitamin B12 shots can also will get even better results. The Vitamin B12 shot makes a great compliment to the MIC injections for weight loss as it speeds up the metabolism, boosts energy and mood, and reduces stress. MIC injections and the Vitamin B12 shot make a powerful combination of nutrients that conquer not only the causes of excessive weight gain (fat utilization) but also the effects (weight gain, low energy, and depression). Together, the MIC injection and Vitamin B12 shot reteach your body how to lose weight, and keep you motivated in your new diet and exercise lifestyle through increased mood and energy, without giving you the jitters or stress that often come from taking pharmaceutical drugs or caffeine as a metabolism booster. MIC and Vitamin B12 injections help your body naturally learn how to lose the weight and feel great, until it is ready to do it completely on its own through diet and exercise.

Do MIC Injections Replace The Need For A Change In Diet Or Lifestyle?

MIC injections do not replace the body’s need to change a diet or lifestyle. It helps the body learn what to do with the fat that the body is still ingesting in the new diet and combined with exercise, will help burn the fat better. Changing the diet and increasing exercise is essential to losing weight. MIC injections will help see the effects faster and help the body maintain the weight loss longer because it helps reprogram the metabolism.

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