We traditionally think about testosterone helping with energy, sexual interest, erectile dysfunction and libido. When we look closely at medical studies, we find a link to depression and anxiety when testosterone is low.

I’ll repeat it: Low testosterone levels may increase the risk of depression and anxiety. Higher testosterone levels decrease the risk of depression and anxiety. Taking testosterone (testosterone therapy) if your levels are low often improves depression and anxiety.

Testosterone levels are tested with blood tests at our clinics. Blood testosterone tests give providers an accurate idea of the amount of testosterone that is available to be used by your body.

Testosterone levels can be raised in numerous different ways and require a prescription from the provider at New Leaf Wellness. New Leaf Specialty Pharmacy specializes in compounding personalized testosterone and other hormones. At New Leaf  Wellness, we also have NLRx supplements that can support your wellness.

Once you start testosterone therapy it will take 2 weeks or sometimes longer to see how well testosterone helps with depression, anxiety and other health issues.

There are many other factors that can contribute to depression and anxiety including nutrient deficiencies, let’s get you feeling better! New Leaf Specialty Pharmacy specializes in compounded personalized prescriptions of testosterone and hormone therapy prescribed by our providers.  We can help; contact us for more information…