When we talk about exercise, we are usually working towards a goal of losing weight. Though it is a very important piece of the weight loss puzzle, exercise has many additional benefits.


Here are a few things you may not have known are impacted by exercise:


Protect Joints: By increasing your overall strength through exercise, you build muscle that helps
to protect and support joints. Light weights during exercise are all it takes. And remember to give each muscle group a day to rest in between so it can fully recover from the work done.

Increase Energy: Many people think they are too tired to exercise. Well, exercising can actually
change that feeling! It improves circulation as well as strengthening your heart. Thus
improving energy levels. So the secret to fatigue…move more!

Improve Sleep: Exercise helps to improve alertness during the day, thus helping to bring a more
restful sleep at night. It also is a stress reliever which allows you to rest your mind at night and
fall asleep faster.

Improve Concentration: Exercise actually releases chemicals that are key for memory and
mental alertness. It helps to increase focus as well.

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Overall, think of exercise as not only a way to lose weight and change your physical appearance, but as a large part of increasing your mental health! Anxiety, stress, heart health, mood, focus and so much more are all added benefits from taking time for you to be your very best.


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