How to lose weight and keep it off…

Everyone seems to want the miracle for weight loss. Let’s face it–there is no such thing. There are plenty of places out there that make a lot of money selling the concept that there is such a thing but they don’t deliver long term results. However, there are doable things that you can do in order to achieve a healthy weight and stay there.

You must first realize that the goal is to feel great and once you feel great it is up to you to do the healthy things that it takes to reach a healthy weight. A healthy weight is not about the numbers on a scale, it is about having a good body composition with a lot of lean muscle, sturdy bones, and a feeling of strength and vitality. In order to do this your hormones must first be in balance.

Hormones and Weight Loss

We often see men and women who have been told by regular physicians that their hormones are fine. However, we find otherwise after thoroughly going through their symptoms and looking at their labs to see if they are at optimal levels.

Your thyroid must be in an optimal range in order for you to have the energy and metabolism to burn fat. In addition, your Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone must be at optimal levels for you to be able to build muscle and burn fat, as well as have the energy and mental state to eat right and exercise. It is also common to see deficiencies of vitamin b12 and other nutrients that assist your body in having energy and fat burning capabilities. These issues must all be addressed properly by a hormone specialist at New Leaf Wellness.

Once these hormonal issues are resolved and your body is functioning more optimally, you will find that it is easier to do the things that are required to have a healthy weight. This is a long term fix that is entirely doable if you invest some time, money, and focus on your health.

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