Nourishing your body from the inside out

Men are often concerned about the way their body looks on the outside, and can overlook the importance of nourishing their body from the inside. With our breakthrough IV Nutrition Therapy, you are sure to receive every vitamin and mineral you need to look healthy and vivacious from the inside out.The goal of our IV Nutrition Therapy is to identify your specific dietary needs, and areas that may be missing in your nutritional health. By injecting those nutrients directly into the blood, we can ensure your body gets everything it requires to remain strong.

This transformative therapy delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream, boosts the immune system and reduces oxidative stress. We are proud to carry a number of IV therapies designed to treat specific conditions or simply to promote overall wellness. Eliminate  toxins from the body, increase your energy levels and feel better. Our goal is to work with you to provide you with the best nutrients for your body to keep you healthy. Contact us today and let us create the perfect treatment just for you.

Types of IV Therapy


This particular blend was developed in the 1970’s by Doctor John Myers at Johns Hopkins University, who used intravenous injections of micronutrients to treat his patients.

Super Immune: This is our most potent IV for infections and includes the highest dose of vitamin C along with other nutrients known to boost the immune system. There are several protocols with this IV for chronic viral infections as well as significant acute infections such as influenza. This IV takes about 3-4 hours.

Liquid Health: Out with the bad, in with the good. Liquid Health is specially blended to help clear out the toxins from within the body. Our systems are under constant attack from toxins and pollutants found in the environment, diet, and naturally occurring physiology. The Liquid Health IV helps your body clean up and filter out things it doesn’t need, allowing you to operate at peak health.


Glutathione is called “The Mother of antioxidants” and is the most prolific antioxidant in the body. Due to stress and a highly process food supply, most Americans are antioxidant deficient. This substance improves liver and brain functions, leading to improved memory while helping to lower the risk of conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy, and liver disease. Glutathione Push can be done by itself  or in combination with Nutritional IVs.

The pre -IV therapy work up will include blood testing.