Let’s face it: That moment when you remove your 8-free polish and look down at your actual, bare nails can be disheartening. Without the cute nail art or trendy shade to make your manicure look fab, you may notice discoloration, brittleness, or spots—all of which could signal something important about your health. Here’s how to get strong, healthy nails.

May Be Time for Supplements

This is where supplements come in. Rather than keeping the problem out of sight, you can (and should) address your nail issues by attacking the deficiency at its source. “When it comes to maintaining proper nail health, there are many vitamins and minerals that play an active role in the growth and rejuvenation of your nails,” says Dr. Robert Sieman, Medical Director at New Leaf Wellness. “That’s why taking a supplement or multivitamin is an easy way to ensure that you’re getting sufficient nutrients.”

Just like how what you eat shows up on your skin (raise your hand if you break out after eating dairy), your diet can majorly influence what your pre-mani nails look like.  “A diet rich in biotin—cold water fish like salmon, almonds, peanuts, swiss chard, and eggs—is always a healthy way to go for good nail health,” says Dr. Robert Sieman, Medical Director at New Leaf Wellness . On the flip side, he cautions, “Trends like extreme juicing can lead to deficiencies.”

Instead of making a salon appointment the next time you break a nail, reach for a supplement, Revitalize Hair Skin & Nails.

In addition to helping hormones be balanced and regulated, we offer a variety of wellness programs that can act as supplements for the body when there’s a depletion as well as in need of a boost of immunity. See our full listing of wellness services here.

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– Sharon C., New Leaf Wellness Patient, for more testimonials.