We live in an imperfect world that has chemicals in our food, water, personal care products, cleaning products, etc. We are under stress from living in today’s rushed and “connected” world. We eat more processed foods and consume more sugar and gluten than past generations. All of this contributes to a hormone imbalance. Today, we want to explain the “why” of Testosterone pellets for men and women.

First, You Need To Know

Replacing your deficient hormones is one part of feeling optimal. Testosterone in particular is often found to be low in both men and women. Testosterone helps you to think more clearly, sleep better, have focus, be in a good mood, and recover better from exercise; among other things. When your Testosterone is low you may feel moody, grumpy, have more aches and pains, feel tired, have brain fog, etc. It is not just the “sex” hormone.

How Bioidentical Testosterone Pellets Can Help

Bioidentical Testosterone pellets are a great way to replace Testosterone for both men and women. They are about the size of a thin tic tac. The pellets are placed in the fatty area of your buttock area–somewhat near your hip in a simple procedure in the office. The Testosterone is released in small amounts on a consistent basis: just like your body should be doing but is not. When you have increased blood flow (from increased activity) your body will draw more Testosterone for its increased needs.

My strength and overall health has improved, sex life with my beautiful lady has been great. I sleep better and not [having] night sweats.

– Ken D., New Leaf Wellness Patient, More Testimonials

Bioidentical Testosterone pellets provide you with the Testosterone that your body needs in a manner that closely resembles what your body should naturally be doing but is not because of all of the hormone disruptors surrounding us. Proper hormone balancing is an important part of feeling optimal and getting out of the “rabbit hole” of not feeling good.

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