Glutathione Series Part 3 of 3:

Glutathione, commonly referred to as the master anti-oxidant, is a compound produced in the body that is present in various tissues, acting as a neutralizer of toxins and promoting repair.

Glutathione has been used to treat neurodegenerative disorders and as adjunctive to chemotherapy. There are various reports of it being used for anti-aging purposes with the rationale that the aging process involves damage from free radicals and glutathione neutralizes the toxins and promotes healing and repair. Various studies have demonstrated correlation of glutathione levels to the health of the tissue.

Feedback from individuals receiving IV or IM glutathione frequently mentions the improvement in skin health and appearance.  People using IV glutathione or booster shots are generally seeking wellness to improve overall health.

This master anti-oxidant is formed by the combination of three different amino acids and exists in two forms, active and inactive. The body uses Glutathione in cellular repair and in detoxification of toxic metabolites and to prevent cellular damage. In the process glutathione is transformed from its active to inactive form. During times of stress, the ratio of active:inactive glutathione can even serve as a marker of tissue toxicity.

Oral supplementation of glutathione is less efficacious as it get’s broken down by the enzymes in the digestive tract. Therefore, the only ways to increase the levels are by IV glutathione supplementation. New Leaf Wellness offers many different IV’s and Glutathione can be done as an IV push after an IV or by itself.