Bio-identical pellets are made of an inert substance that holds it together along with either bio-identical Testosterone or Estradiol. If you require Estradiol it is one small pellet. Men, and also women, require Testosterone. There are different dosages (mg) of Testosterone pellets (25 mg up to 200 mg) and which mg pellet and how many Testosterone pellets you receive depends on the end dose that you require. This dosage is based on whether you are a man or woman, your weight, your baseline Testosterone level, and your activity level; among other things. A hormone specialist can determine what you require after your consultation. Want to learn more about how do bio-identical pellets work?

The Bio-identical pellets release a small amount of the hormone that they contain into the blood stream at a fairly constant level–a lot like your glands would do if they were functioning properly. When you have an increased cardiac output (I.e. with exercising) then you will get an increased amount of the hormone. This helps you to recover better from exercising.

The bio-identical hormone pellets give your body what it needs in as close to physiologic doses as is possible. Your body uses up the pellets at an individual rate and most people require a re-pellet after 3-6 months. Over time most people end up being able to have their pellets last 5-6 months.

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