Following the personalized recommendations provided by the Food Sensitivity team based on my test results, I lost an incredible 12 pounds within just two weeks. The weight loss was significant and, more importantly, sustainable. But that’s not all—the real surprise came when my eczema cleared up right away.

For years, I had tried countless remedies and treatments for my eczema without much success. However, after eliminating the trigger foods identified through the food sensitivity test, my skin began to heal rapidly. It was truly remarkable to see my eczema clear up almost immediately. I finally felt relief from the constant itchiness and discomfort.

The support and guidance from the Food Sensitivity team was so amazing throughout my journey.

If you’re struggling with weight gain or dealing with persistent skin issues like eczema, I wholeheartedly recommend considering the food sensitivity test. Experience incredible results for yourself!

M.L., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

The food sensitivity test I did has made me realize how important it is to know what we are putting in our bodies. Im so happy I did this test and Patricia and Rodrigo did a fantastic job walking me through the process and explaining everything so well! Thanks so much! I feel so much better!

K.W., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I have done the Food Sensitivity Test twice now. Both times I have received great education from the team at Biotrinetix. The guidance they give you is second to none and I highly recommend it if you are having any gut issues at all!

C.S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I did the Food Sensitivity Testing & made the changes as recommended by Biotrinetix & providers at the New Leaf Office WDSM & I have lost 21 lbs, I feel better than I have in years, less bloating and inflammation as well! My diet has changed my life in so many positive ways, including my mental health! I would recommend this testing for everyone, I feel like it is the only way I would know foods I have thought were good for me, really weren’t & allows us to make slight or drastic changes that are life changers! Thank you Patricia & New Leaf crew as well!

J.D., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the food sensitivity test—it has been a true lifesaver for me. I have struggled with some unexplained weight gain and a persistent skin inflammation issue that seemed impossible to resolve. Even with prescription medications, I saw little improvement. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and try the food sensitivity test.

Following the customized recommendations provided by the Food Sensitivity team based on my test results, I experienced a remarkable transformation. Not only did I lose the weight, but the persistent skin inflammation that had plagued me for so long finally began to fade away. It was a remarkable turnaround that even prescription medication couldn’t achieve.

The support and guidance from the Food Sensitivity team were crucial in my journey to better health. They helped me identify the specific foods that were triggering my inflammation and provided practical strategies to eliminate them from my diet. With their unwavering support, I felt empowered and motivated to make the necessary changes.

By eliminating the trigger foods from my diet, not only did I shed the stubborn weight, but I also witnessed a complete turnaround in my skin inflammation. It was like a burden lifted off my shoulders. I regained my confidence and felt like my true self again.

If you’re struggling with unexplained health issues, particularly weight gain or stubborn skin inflammation that just won’t go away, I highly recommend giving the food sensitivity test a try. The insights it provides, combined with the dedicated support from the Food Sensitivity team, can be life-changing. Don’t hesitate to take control of your health and discover a path to lasting well-being. You deserve it!

New Leaf Wellness Patient**

I did the food sensitivity testing September 2019. I successfully eliminated all offending foods and lost 15lb.  I am thrilled with my results. I am a diabetic and have decreased my insulin significantly. My PCP states that I may be able to come off medications completely at my next check up, saving me $1000 per month in medical costs!

M.V., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I can’t say enough about how life changing the food sensitivity test was for me. For years, I battled with painful dry/cracked skin on my eyelids. I tried multiple creams and even a steroid, all with no success. After a few weeks of eliminating all of the red items on my list, my skin irritation disappeared. I also enjoyed weight loss and a huge increase in energy. I am so happy I did this testing!

A. W., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that I took the steps to go into New Leaf Wellness and have the Food Sensitivity Test done. Following the program has allowed me to shed 35 lbs or so. You helped me form new habits which have stayed with me. I am no longer craving that egg each morning etc. I Appreciate you talking me through all.

R. B., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I am 62 years old and it has been 3 months since I did my Food Test. Since my elimination I have been on the phone several times with the team from Biotrinetix. I have been very diligent in eliminating my 1s, 2s, and 3s and in treating candida with Argentin 23 and Floragen. I have lost 25 pounds since August and almost all of my psoriasis that I have suffered from since age 30 has cleared up!  I am thrilled!

K. W., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

**While these results are typical, your individual results may vary.

At the age of 69, I did  food sensitivity testing on 8/7/19.  I had several phone calls with Dr. Blum and the team at Biotrinetix and decided that I was going to go all in on this elimination period of 3 months.  Since eliminating all of my 1s, 2s, and 3s, as well as treating my candida with Argentin 23, oil of oregano and probiotic, I have lost 30 pounds.  I used to have a dry cough and irritation in my esophagus but was not on any reflux medications.  Since eliminating offenders I have not had a cough at all.  I have no joint swelling or pain and increased energy.  I am so very happy with my results.

J. N., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I had a wonderful experience and look forward to amazing results!  I want to thank CW and his wife for sharing their amazing story and results they had from doing the Food Sensitivity Testing. I am excited and looking forward to feeling better. Everyone at the West Des Moines office is amazing! Thank you for all that you are doing to help others improve their quality of life!

D. M., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I love what you are doing with the food sensitivity/allergy testing and I hope more people can afford to see what is possibly affecting them through food. I just received my results and am excited to start this new journey on getting Back To Normal.

L. W., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I did the food test on September 24th and then went grocery shopping. I got my favorite item….shrimp, a few days later when I got my results and shrimp was a 3 but I ate it anyway. By the end of the next day I had redness around my eyes, which is the way my body tells me I put something it in that I shouldn’t have and I started having cramping and diarrhea. No FUN! I have followed my results ever since and have lost 8 pounds, got the glow back in my complexion and feel great!

A. Carew, Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I have been on food sensitivity program for 6 weeks. Feel good and sleeping better and no more acid reflux. I have adapted well to different foods and have lost 10 lbs. my counselor touches base on regular basis to help with questions.

J.M., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I can seriously tell a difference after only a week of following my Food Sensitivity Test results. I lost 4 pounds that have refused to budge since this past winter! My entire life, I’ve been almost incapacitated by stomach issues- I’ve missed work, rearranged my social life, missed sports events my kids were involved in-my gut problems deeply impacted my life. I planned everything around the potential for stomach problems! In the past week, I’ve been stomach pain free and my joints are much less achy. I didn’t hit the snooze this am-I just woke up and was ready to go. I can’t imagine what the next weeks hold. I’m so thankful New Leaf cares about patient’s health!

C.G., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I have used Biotrinetix for food sensitivities. I began in March. I feel so much better after 3 months. I cannot believe the difference this has made. I have lost 20 pounds. Have learned to shop carefully to avoid ingredients that I was sensitive too. I was told I could start trying some of my sensitive foods but I don’t want too. I am doing fine in my new lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Blum and this service for anyone struggling with stomach aches, excessive gas, bloating, and numerous bathroom issues. Dr. Blum guided me thru this new lifestyle with phone appointments every 2 weeks. This has changed my life in a very positive way. I highly recommend this company and all they do to help people understand the biology behind our nutrition.

D.K., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Ever since I changed my diet from all of food sensitivity test results I have felt amazing. It took a few months for the full results to show but now after eight months I would recommend it to anyone who has food sensitivity issues. I feel like I have more energy and I don’t have stomach problems as much anymore.

B.P.., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

This food sensitivity test is worth every penny! I was eating so many foods that were really bad for me and tearing up my insides, and I had no clue. The test provided me with education on ‘safe’ foods for me to eat, as well as a renewed sense of health. Dr. Blum and his staff are also super amazing and easy to work with. He took the time to ‘check in’ with me to ensure I was eating the right things but also expanding on foods as well. I highly recommend this test to anyone that has been struggling with frequent upset stomachs, indigestion, gas, etc.

A.H., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Biotrinetix Food Sensitivity has helped me figure out what was going on with me! Dr Blum has helped me through the process and has been my biggest supporter for making sure I am doing what I need to do to live a healthier life! I would recommend this test to anyone-any age!

A.F., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I have eaten Zero foods for 4 solid months without ONE SINGLE morsel of anything but Zero Foods (foods I can eat that are HEALTHY for me). I can attest that Dr. Blum is knowledgeable, supportive and kind. I feel amazing and have lost 30 pounds. Don’t wait any longer to improve your health. I am so glad that I did. Thank you again Dr. Blum for all your support! Thank you to New Leaf Wellness for introducing me to Biotrinetix and Dr. Blum.

L.E., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I originally took the food sensitivity test in hopes it would help eliminate deep cycstic acne. After 1 month of cutting out the foods that were causing inflammation, my acne had completely cleared and my skin started to heal. My skin looks and feels great, I lost some weight, and I have more energy than ever.

Nichole, Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

In late December 2018, I did the food sensitivity test. I found I had sensitivities to gluten, dairy, some nuts and fruits. I consulted with the nutritionist recommended by New Leaf who helped me change my diet. I cut out all gluten, dairy and reduced my sugar intake. In the first few weeks, I lost 17lbs, and the daily join pain I had endured for years was gone, also the indigestion I had for 20 years was gone. These were among a host of other issues plaguing me. Feel so much better!

C. Fee, Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

You will not regret this. Dr. Blum is the real deal! It has been 10 months for me and I have still not eaten any of my #3 foods and just a few of the #2 foods. Highly recommend!!

Lisa E., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Knowledgeable team that provides fast results and explanations that are easy to understand.

Andrea I., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I highly recommend this test to anyone that struggles with bloating, fatigue, and body aches. My symptoms went away after just 4 days of eliminating the foods that caused inflammation. If you’re ready to get answers and reset your tummy, this test is for you.

Angie W., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Now, let me tell you about the New Leaf Food Sensitivity Test. I lost weight on the New Leaf Weight Loss programs, but some of the pounds had inched back on and I couldn’t figure out why. That’s when I took the Food Sensitivity Test and found out there were 35 foods I shouldn’t be eating. I’ve lost 15 pounds since making the change…1 pound per week!

Bonnie Lucas, WHO Radio, Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**