The staff is so helpful and encouraging. I am feeling better after losing 20lbs and identifying foods I am sensitive to. It’s been an easy program to follow and looking forward to more improvements in my body. Thanks!

B.S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Started my journey with New Leaf two months ago and i have lost a total of 21.6 pounds! The program works. It’s hard work but all the staff is super supportive. They have been there cheering me on every step of the way.

D.F., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

We are all looking for the “magic pill” when it comes to weight loss. Lipo-S is the closest thing to the magic pill that I have ever found! I started using it 3 1/2 months ago, and I have lost 33 pounds thus far! I take it twice a day, and I eat better and smaller portions. I am not on a strict diet or do I have a work out regime. I simply take Lipo-S and not shove junk food in my mouth all day. I feel so much better than I did before, and I have no plans of stopping this until I hit my ideal weight. This product is a must try for everyone! Thank you New Leaf Wellness.

Tracey I., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

New Leaf Wellness has helped me gain more control of my health. Weight loss has been easier and effective. My blood pressure has come down and stayed down in a healthy range. The food sensitivity testing has been a game changer for me. Knowledge is power! My symptoms (not just the fat) have much to do with what I was eating. The simple blood test helped me decide what I was willing to deal with in regards to stiff joints, feeling achy, etc. If I want to feel great, I eat “clean” for me- only food in which I do not have a sensitivity. Thank you!

J. L ., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I have been doing New leaf Wellness weight loss program for approximately 4 months. I have lost 35 pounds and have felt wonderful. My energy levels are higher and my attitude is better. I eat real foods and my hunger levels are very low.

L. H.., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I lost 35 pounds in 60 days on New Leaf’s weight loss program. I have been able to maintain my weight loss for over 5 months now. I am looking forward to starting the program again soon to continue my weight loss goals.

Christe T., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I have tried many diets in the past. Some have worked for a short time. In the last few years I have tried multiple diet plans that my Dr. recommended but nothing worked. We had talked about surgery even. Then I learned about New Leaf Wellness. So I gave it a try. Since November I have lost 33 pounds. I eat regular food and don’t feel hungry most days.

Lori H.., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I had always been active, but I also loved food. When my life changed and I didn’t have the time to be active the weight came on fast. I decided I couldn’t continue like that and joined a workout program. I followed the rules and lost nothing. Finally, I turned to New Leaf for help. My first round I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. The second time I lost another 35 lbs. I had no issues with cravings or feeling hungry. I felt so much support and encouragement.

Tammy W., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

The New Leaf Wellness Weight Loss program is amazing. I’ve lost 30 pounds and have 15 pounds to go. The staff is so supportive. I look forward to my weekly visits – even the weigh-ins – because they hold me accountable. I love the personal touch at New Leaf. They are supportive friends and I’m thankful they are guiding me through my weight loss journey.

Ann C., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I’ve tried several different diet plans over the years and each time I ended up gaining more than I lost. New Leaf is not a diet, it’s a permanent lifestyle change. With this program, I buy all my food at the grocery store. There isn’t any “New Leaf” foods. It’s food you feed your family. The only difference for me is I weight and measure my food and keep a daily diary. I’m able to go out to eat with my friends and order off the menu. I’m making better choices. New Leaf has given me a “new life”

Victoria S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I needed help and I saw a commercial on TV about the New Leaf diet. I decided to go in for a consultation and the program looked very promising. I started immediately and lost 12 lbs in a 4 week period. Felt great the whole time. The program is easy to follow and the staff at New Leaf is the best! This is exactly what I needed to help me understand what I should and should not be eating. They are very helpful and when your program session is over they do not just let you go. There is plenty of help and suggestions on how to continue the weight loss or maintain what you have already lost. I recommend this program.

Deb R., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

In 2 months I have gone down 2 pant sizes and lost nearly 30 lbs. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the diet because it is very strict. However, the weight coming off so quickly is quite motivating. This weight loss program has worked far better than anything else I’ve tried (and I’ve tried several different plans.) It has given me hope that I don’t have to be overweight anymore.

Jean B., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

**While these results are typical, your individual results may vary.

The staff at New Leaf always goes above and beyond every time I come in. From their helpfulness to the way they greet you, it is always a great Weight Loss visit.

D.S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you took the time to go into the Advanced Weight Loss Program for me. I am hoping that following the program will allow me to shed the weight.. I Appreciate you talking me through all, I am so excited for the future with your support!

R. M., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Great supportive staff, great nutrition, great results. I am kept accountable on the diet.

J. Y., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I feel better and skinny!

LeAnn C., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

The … diet has been a very safe and effective diet plan. Having lots of energy and not having cravings or being hungry has been the key to helping me stay on track and lose weight. I’ve lost 13 pounds and several inches. My clothes fit great. This gave me a great new fresh start and I feel great.

Leah B., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

[It] is amazing. No hunger at all and diet is simple to follow. Staff is supportive and encouraging.

Sharon C., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

When I started the weight loss program my blood pressure was out of control. My energy level was at a zero. I was tired all the time. At that time I wasn’t doing anything that was healthy for me. Now I have energy. I fill more confident. I enjoy corning to my appointments every week and seeing the pounds coming off. I am now able to make better decision on how I eat and how I exercise. I am happy to say I went to my doctor’s appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was normal that was a blessing.,

Toni H., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

This program gave me the tools to lose weight quickly, when I finished the first month I had a better knowledge of how to keep the weight off and eat healthier. My family has noticed the difference in my energy level and the better food choices I make.

Linda B., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Working with New Leaf is one of the best decisions I have ever made and done for myself. I started the summer of 2012 with the hormone treatments. My first visit I was concerned about the cost and my husband said just do it and if it doesn’t work you can stop. Needless to say it is 2014 and I am still here, even added the weight loss program. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the programs, if I was given the chance to do things over I truly wish I would’ve done this sooner. I was on hormone meds for years due to a hysterectomy at an early age but could still not get regulated. The last straw was when intimacy had pretty much came to a screeching halt and felt more like a chore (like doing dishes). I stopped all hormone medications and started the hormone treatments with New Leaf and OMG the changes are beyond amazing. I have more energy, no more mood swings, hot flashes, sleep at night and my husband feels like he is trying to keep up with me for once. When new leaf started the weight loss program I decided to give it a try- the hormone treatments worked this might. I was skeptical, didn’t think I could do the shots daily and had no real hopes of it working but I was going to give it a try anyways as I spent more on other weight loss programs that bombed. This program was easier than I thought it would be, shots were nothing, I never felt like I was starving like I did on WW and the food suggestions are great. I was extremely grateful for the feedback on my food journal and suggestions on products and cookbooks. I use the products, websites and cookbooks to come up with menus for our crazy schedules. We rarely go out to eat now but if we do it is not fast junk food anymore. When I started I was in a very tight size 14 and I’m now at the end of my sessions wearing a loose size 4, I feel and look better than I have in years. My 20 something girls are even giving me their clothes to try on.

Sally S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I started my Vitamin Cocktail injections at the beginning of July and within hours I could tell a difference… I am usually tired by 9pm and had to sleep 10 plus hours, now I’m up later, sleep better and after an average of 7-8 hours of sleep I feel completely rejuvenated. Also nearing 30 years old, I still suffer from acne and within a couple of days I could see a huge improvement in my complexion and skin. I feel less stress on a daily basis and have overall felt better about things that used to easily upset or sadden me. This shot has been a miracle.

K.S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

This program has taught me how to eat in a lean and healthy way. I’ve lost weight and inches and feel I have the tools to continue this process on my own to reach and maintain my weight loss goal. My consultant was terrific!

Nancy G., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

The vitamin cocktail is fantastic. I don’t crave goodies. I feel good and I want to continue getting the shot. It’s helping my well being

Carol D., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

The entire staff has been very friendly and professional to me since the very first day I walked into the New Leaf Wellness Clive location in October 2013. I am very happy with the results I experienced with the Weight Loss Program. Being in the gym working out every day you also need to have good nutrition and this taught me how to eat healthier and changed my eating habits.

Lisa F., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Best decision I ever made! Am so much more healthy, have more energy, sleep better and on and on. Recommend it to anyone who has given up and believes they can not lose weight, because they can lose and lose easily.

Mary P., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**