Who We Are

Our commitment is to heal, comfort and support everyone we serve. Therefore, we want to be your specialty healthcare partner through life. At New Leaf, we offer services for men and women in natural hormone therapy, migraine treatments, advanced weight loss programs, food sensitivity testing, sermorelin therapy, professional aesthetic services, IV nutritional therapy and supporting wellness programs.

“New Leaf Wellness has helped me gain more control of my health. Weight loss has been easier and effective. My blood pressure has come down and stayed down in a healthy range. The food sensitivity testing has been a game changer for me. Knowledge is power! My symptoms (not just the fat) have much to do with what I was eating. The simple blood test helped me decide what I was willing to deal with in regards to stiff joints, feeling achy, etc. If I want to feel great, I eat “clean” for me- only food in which I do not have a sensitivity. Thank you!”

– Janet L. New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more testimonials >

Personalized Medicine

Yet another advantage of New Leaf is our complimentary consultations. So, we offer this to EVERY  patient, New and Existing. As a leader in the health and wellness industry, it is important to us to educate our patients our on therapies and how they can improve an individual’s symptoms.

“The people are great!! Recommend to all!”

– Cecilia M. New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more testimonials >

It’s Not Just Symptoms

It is our goal to foster a relationship for your wellness journey and get your questions and concerns addressed BEFORE you start any one of our health and wellness programs. Also, our staff understands your needs as a lot of us have been on the same health and wellness journeys ourselves and can relate first hand when it comes to various symptoms.

I would highly recommend New Leaf Wellness to any middle age male. Through their hormone replacement therapy they have given much of my youthful vigor back. My muscle tone has returned as well as my sex drive and better mental focus. New Leaf Wellness has returned me to good health without the vicious circle that traditional medicine brings to those that choose that route. I am grateful to New Leaf Wellness.”

– John D. New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more testimonials >

As your journey continues with us, we are here every step of the way and are always available to educate patients on our new therapies. We look forward to meeting with you! Contact us today to get started.

“Made me feel a lot better!!! Love feeling alive!!! It’s just an awesome place to come, the people are very nice and make you feel at home and very comfortable!!”

– LaDonna W. New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more testimonials >

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