New Leaf Wellness accepts HSA and FSA for your therapy. Many healthcare services and products can be paid with your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) Account funds.

Every plan is different so check with your healthcare administrator for clarification on your plan.

New Leaf Wellness provides you with an Access Claim service to speed up reimbursements with your insurance filings.

In the past, even the smallest error in the complicated world of coding could cause your claims to be denied.

Instead of you worrying about complicated paperwork and filing for your reimbursements for services, we now take care of the filing for you at no charge. We’ll even re-submit if there is a coding error on the claim.

Since we are filing your claims electronically, it means that you get a much faster response from insurance companies than when using paper filing.

So, you worry about your health and getting your life back and we’ll worry about filing your insurance!

*New Leaf Wellness does not directly accept third-party insurance billing for hormone therapy or weight loss programs – this service is provided to submit your claim to your provider for you.