What is the difference?

In our last post we noted that many foods have been genetically modified, but unanticipated, negative effects of these products in the human body have caused many health conscious people to choose a nonGMO alternative to consume. 

Similarly, the hormones we produce in our own body are different from synthetic hormones produced by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.  The synthetic variety has enough similarity to the bio-identical hormone that it does turn on the main function in the body, but its unique structure allows it to be patented by the pharmaceutical company and thus sold for a profit. 

In contrast, a bio-identical hormone, being identical to that formed in our body, cannot be patented by a pharmaceutical company.  Equally important is the fact that the bio-identical form acts just as our own native hormone to produce the desired function without increasing risk, while the unique structure of the synthetic hormone also turns on effects in our bodies that does increase risk.  That is why “hormones” get a bad rap: the increase in heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, and cancer  associated with synthetic hormones is enough to make anyone think twice before using them!