What Is Perimenopause?

What could be more frustrating than having wrinkles AND pimples? It is not uncommon for an esthetician to see a client in her 50’s coming in for both anti-aging and acne treatments. And as with so many of life’s irritating moments, women can blame it on hormones. Hot flashes, moodiness and sleep disorders are some of the uncomfortable symptoms every woman going through Perimenopause has experienced to some degree. New Leaf Wellness specializes in hormone care and treating skin changes during Perimenopause and more.

While these symptoms are well-known, the hormonal changes ushering in menopause can cause a wide spectrum of skin disorders, ranging from acne to extreme skin dryness. Lower levels of vital female hormones such as estrogen can also accelerate skin aging. While some women go through perimenopause without problems, others experience great changes, especially with their skin.

Let’s look at how fluctuating hormones can affect the skin, as well as suggest effective treatments and ingredients to mitigate conditions brought on by these unavoidable hormonal changes. We also will offer suggestions to help soothe Perimenopause symptoms such as sleep disruption and hot flashes, which can affect skin health.

Hormones and the Skin

Perimenopause is the time period during which a woman’s body is transitioning to complete loss of fertility—menopause. A woman can enter Perimenopause at different ages. It usually starts in the mid-40s, but can begin as early as the mid-30s. During this time, the ovaries gradually shut down, which results in the fluctuation of hormones.

Although Perimenopause may not commence until the 40’s, a gradual decrease in ovarian activity already has begun, which leads to reduced estrogen and progesterone production. These lower levels of hormones lead to decreases in collagen and elastin fibers, in turn causing wrinkling and sagging known as elastosis.

The woman’s body is thrown off balance due to the declining production of the dominant female hormones such as the common estrogen β-estradiol and progesterone. Conversely, although women produce only a small amount of male sex hormones (androgens), the effects become more dominant due to the depletion of estrogen and progesterone. This can lead to skin becoming excessively oily as well as excessively dry during different times of the month, a kind of skin crazy that can really add insult to injury.

How New Leaf Can Help

First, we offer a combination of services including natural hormone therapy as well as professional aesthetic services. Our hormone therapy is personally designed to restore and rebalance your hormones to the levels appropriate for your life and health. And we find hormones and skin care have such a correlation. At your complimentary consultation, we can provide solutions for you that addresses your concerns, irritants and help you live a better life!


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