As people age they often find that they have past sports injuries that flare up. Men and women both notice an increase in their aches and pains, as well as an increased time to recover from workouts and a decreased ability to build muscle. While diet and your exercise regimen does play a role, a declining Testosterone level is a huge culprit. We’re sharing how to have optimal testosterone levels…

Happy CoupleTestosterone is a hormone that performs numerous functions in the body for both men and women. It is critical in repairing injured musculoskeletal tissues and in building muscle. Testosterone also helps your memory and increases your energy level. It also helps you sleep better and improves your mood.Testosterone is not just a hormone for sex drive.

The normal values that laboratories list for Testosterone are sadly incorrect for both men and women. Optimal levels of Testosterone are the levels at which men and women feel great, think clearer, and have minimal, if any, side effects. Optimal levels of Testosterone are obtained by having your levels evaluated and treated by a physician specially trained in bio-identical hormones. If you rely on a regular physician, your symptoms will be ignored and the doctor will tell you your levels are fine because they fall in the “normal” range.

The question you must answer is this:Do you want to function in the average range (suffering from pain, poor energy, difficulty losing weight, etc.)?

Or do you want to function in the optimal range- able to build muscle and burn fat, having energy, less pain, and living a life of vitality?  If your answer is “Optimal”, contact New Leaf Wellness today!

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