Testosterone replacement is safe and helps reduce the risk of heart attacks. Let’s take a look at the link of testosterone and heart attacks.

Due to media hype and the misrepresentation of studies done on Testosterone, let’s revisit this topic. Sadly, there are news reports that discourage the use of Testosterone despite overwhelming evidence. Properly administered Testosterone actually helps patients with many medical issues, including reducing the risk of heart attacks. It is actually low levels of Testosterone and higher levels of Estrogen in men that have been shown to be associated with an increased heart disease risk. The misrepresentation of Testosterone arose from studies that did not look at Estrogen levels. Testosterone replacement without looking at Estrogen levels can cause problems. Proper Testosterone replacement while addressing Estrogen elevation is a different story. When Testosterone is optimized while making sure Estrogen stays in an optimal range, the men studied had fewer heart attacks and also felt more vital.

In fact, A common cause of disability and death is actually related to low Testosterone. Low levels of Testosterone are associated with diabetes, increased belly fat, insulin resistance, and various arterial changes that increase the risk of heart attacks. Conversely, when Testosterone is replaced to optimal levels by a specially trained physician there is increased muscle mass, decreased belly fat, improved insulin sensitivity, improved memory, increased energy, better sleep, happier moods, and an improvement in cardiovascular health.

In conclusion, testosterone is simply not evil. In fact, it is critical for your optimal health and well being. The key is to have it replaced with proper oversight and the hormone experts at New Leaf Wellness can do this!

Get started today and get heart healthy by checking your hormone levels with a New Leaf Wellness medical staff! Yes, I want to be healthy!

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