Bio-identical Hormone Pellets

Bio-identical Hormone Pellets When replacing your hormones with bio-identical hormones you have several options: capsules, creams, troches, and pellets. Pellet therapy is not well known but has been around for decades. It is a safe and effective way to get Testosterone (for men and women) and Estrogen (for women). The dosage that you receive is [...]

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Why Should I Use Bio-identical Hormone?

The best answer is because they “do your body good”. What in the world does that mean? As both men and women age (grow older, for us non politically correct) the production of hormones decreases and with the decrease, “symptoms” begin to appear. We relate the obvious to the decrease: hot flashes, night sweats, [...]

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Do You Read Labels?

A quick visit to your local grocery store confirms the American public reads labels on the boxes and cans of food purchased for consumption. In bold letters, many products proudly display that no genetically modified organism (nonGMO) is used in the production of the food, signifying that it is a much healthier product! How many of [...]

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