Tis the season when the calendar is telling us it is almost time for “New Year New Me”…Ugh! Not this again! Counting calories? Reducing carbs? Trying fad diets? All of the above? I don’t know how to do that; it all sounds overwhelming and exhausting, and I want to quit before I even begin, BUT I want this to be the year that I get back to the me that I used to be, the me that I will feel like myself again. Sound familiar?

What you may need this year that makes it different from all of the years previously is support. That support is in the form of a little expert advice from a health coach.

What is a Health Coach?  A health coach will guide you and help implement small changes in your lifestyle to help you be successful. They will hold you accountable to reach your goals. And best of all they will be your own personal cheerleader along the way!

Here are 10 reasons why you need a health coach.

  1. Accountability – According to Forbes, nearly 80% of people who make a New Year’s resolution give up by the first week of February.1 It is human nature to fail. It allows us to reevaluate or rethink how we do things. As we get ready to make our New Year New You resolution to lose excess weight and improve our overall health, why not turn to a trained professional to help you finally reach this goal and feel good about yourself? A health coach can teach you small daily changes that will build up to a lifetime of good health.
  2. Expertise – A health coach is trained to help you with identifying what changes to make and support you to improve your overall health. They will help you identify the smallest changes to make the most impact on your overall life, such as identifying the cause of your cravings, deciphering what is healthy, resetting priorities, and practicing self-care. A health coach can help you make the easiest changes that will be the most impactful on your health.
  3. Relief – If the people around you are at an unhealthy weight, you might be hanging around people who are simply unaware of what good nutrition is. A health coach can help you navigate the world of nutrition and help you decipher what truly is healthy and how to implement those choices to improve your health one day at a time. Not only will you be given directions, but you will also get individualized attention on what impacts your health and encouragement along the journey to living a healthier life!
  4. Time Management – We all use the same excuse of “I don’t have time”, as we all have busy schedules. This is in fact a myth; we all make time for what is important to us, and let’s face it, you and your health should be important to you. A health coach will empower you to work on time management and find ways to practice self-care to improve your health.
  5. Reflection – As you move forward in your health journey, you may stumble when experiencing resistance, or feel some push-back as you develop new habits, and sticking to them is going to be difficult. This could even happen subconsciously. A health coach will help you work through these challenging feelings and emotions, and help you overcome these barriers along the way. Having that sounding board to reflect on as you trudge through this journey to a better you will help create more self-awareness along the way.
  6. Support – Having a support team during the journey will help you stay on track and committed to your progress toward your goal. Support from a health coach increases your ability to reach your goal, your self-confidence, and your security. Having support in your life while making the journey to an overall healthy life will happen more smoothly and successfully. And let’s be honest we are all tired of repeating this New Year New You attempt every year!
  7. Confidence – That dreaded number on the scale is usually everyone’s go-to in measuring success with weight loss, but there is so much more than just pounds! And let’s be honest when that number doesn’t go down our self-image and self-esteem take a huge hit! Working with a health coach on the right numbers to track will improve your self-image and confidence. For instance drinking 64 oz of water, exercising 30 minutes five times a week, etc are all great non-scale victories. Plus these non-scale victories will be far more rewarding than a number on the scale.
  8. Positive Change – Have you ever heard of the snowball effect? It’s where one change will trickle down into the next, and so on and so forth. That is the idea behind implementing small positive changes. You let each positive change snowball into the next to reach the end goal of a healthier, sustainable life. Build yourself up, remember your self-worth, and focus on the positives. Most importantly remember to celebrate when you succeed at making each change!
  9. Realistic Goals – Resolutions address a symptom, not the underlying problem. Much like diets, they are short-lived fixes. This is why so many people have the same resolutions year after year. Our health coach recommends SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound! It’s best to start small and make one change at a time!
  10. Lasting Change – Deciding to take this journey is a lifestyle change. What better way to be successful than learning the tools to maintain this change? We recommend sharing this lifestyle change with friends and family. At New Leaf Wellness your health is our GOAL!

Ready to get started? Email to attend the Metabolic Healing Dietary Lifestyle Plan Zoom Support Group on Tuesday nights starting at 5:00pm CST.


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