Mixed messages, misguided information, supplement companies partnering with other industries  as ambassadors for their brand and it is all so confusing what to believe. So, today we can at least shed some light on supplements every guy or gal needs.

Supplements Every Guy or Gal Needs

You try to eat healthy, but there are still those splurges on nachos, beer, and pizza (and that’s just the short list of your cheat foods). So, you are likely nowhere close to getting all the nutrients you need each day. You are not alone. Who really eats nine servings of fruits and veggies every day? That’s where a few well chosen capsules can help.

“Supplements won’t counteract poor eating habits, but they can help to make a healthy diet better.”   – Dr. Robert Sieman, Medical Director of New Leaf Wellness

In other words, while you still need all the fruits and vegetables you can stomach, on those days when you opt for a beer rather than a smoothie, the right supplements can help to fill in the gaps from a less than ideal diet.

Like Multivitamins

No rocket science here, but it’s surprising just how many guys and gals still do not take a multi. The key to making them work is to make them part of your routine. Instead of stashing the bottle on a shelf, keep it by your toothbrush or coffee pot- something you hit every day without fail.


We have carefully crafted a multi for both guys and gals that helps fill in the gaps to ensure you are getting the most nutrition everyday. So, if you want to splurge on the nachos on Friday night, go for it.

Learn more about Xena Vitality Women’s Multi Complex or Alpha Vitality Men’s Multi Complex at:   https://nlrxnutrition.myshopify.com/


Feel like you need more than a multi? Are you struggling with a disease that is attacking your immune system? Do you have a bug and no time to let it run its coarse? Check out our IV Therapy options!