Meet J.M.

New Leaf Wellness is proud of our patient’s success, and it makes it why we’re so passionate about educating and learning to live your life better. J.M. came into our office with a very common issue, and so we are proud to share his patient testimonial so that it may help others.

J.M. is a 55 year old fireman and over the past few years he had noticed that he could not run in and out of buildings like he used to. He found himself getting irritated more easily and felt like he had passed his peak. Even though he was working out, he had a difficult time building muscle. He even noticed a little muscle loss and a hard time losing fat.

We see a lot of patients initially accepting the feeling of ‘degenerating’ is just a part of aging….. this is why we’re so thankful for J.M. sharing his patient testimonial.

J.M. was examined by his primary doctor and was told that his lab work was normal and that he was just getting older. Luckily, he did not accept that as fact and sought out help. His hormone lab work was definitely not optimal.

Did you know that in a typical routine blood exam, hormone counts are not even reviewed? Do you know where your hormone levels? And if they are optimal?

What You Need To Know

Normal ranges at the labs are determined by testing a part of the population and then coming up with the average numbers. But what happens when the people they are testing are out of balance hormonally? In modern society, the average person does have a hormonal imbalance and this results in the “normal” lab values being incorrect.

Your hormone lab values may be interpreted as “normal” when in actuality they are low–the imbalance is missed simply because the “normal” lab values are incorrect. The medical profession gets pressured from many angles and most doctors are hesitant to look outside the “normal” values. They tend to accept the “normal” lab values without question. They forget to really look at the person and see that there is a hormonal imbalance. They are simply not questioning the validity of the “normal” values. This is not their fault–due to the nature of insurances, they do not have the luxury of time to treat “outside the box”.

Hormonal imbalances exhibit specific symptoms and it takes time to get to know the patient and determine what he/she requires to achieve and maintain proper balance.

Lab work is just a piece of information, and it needs to be interpreted looking at optimal values, not the “normal” values.

Optimal lab values are the values we see in people who are functioning at a high level and feel great. Unfortunately, these values can be flagged as “abnormal” on lab results. This can scare the uninformed. “Abnormal” is often optimal. Look around you at the general population’s health. This is a sad truth.

The goal of proper hormone balancing is to get rid of your symptoms and prevent future medical issues like dementia, heart disease, certain cancers, osteoporosis, etc. This is only possible by taking the time and investing in yourself by seeking the help of a specially trained hormone specialist.

The truth is we can share about our services and show proven methods, but it is a patient testimonial like J.M. that really inspire us all to understand just how life changing hormone balancing can be.

How NLW Helped J.M.

When J.M. came across New Leaf Wellness, he got the lab results he needed to see. He was found to have a significant Testosterone deficiency. We also found a B-12 deficiency and slight thyroid imbalance. Once these deficiencies were corrected, he regained his vitality. His workouts are creating a muscle gain and fat loss. J.M has the energy to enjoy his free time and is now really living his life thanks to his treatment at New Leaf Wellness. And we’re so thankful we were able to aid in J.M. living life better!

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