Micro-needling also called derma rolling or collagen induction therapy is very popular amongst celebrities. Micro-needling, also known as skin needling is a procedure using a device covered with tiny, shallow needles to essentially poke holes in the skin surface. The therapy is very therapeutic, since they cause a ‘micro injury’ that prompts skin to stimulate collagen production, filling in fine lines, plumping the skin and contributing to a younger looking appearance. It’s a medical breakthrough because it can produce collagen without permanently injuring the top layer of the skin. Here’s more on micro-needling at New Leaf Wellness and how it works.

Concept of Micro-needling

The concept is quite simple when skin is injured or punctured fibroblast cells which are responsible for producing collagen fill the holes or injured areas with collagen, filling in fine lines, wrinkles and scarring. Micro-needling works great for sunken areas on the skin caused by acne or chickenpox, as well as for fine lines, discoloration and general skin rejuvenation. This safe procedure isn’t just for the face, though. It can also be used on many areas of the body, including the arms, neck, legs, abdomen, back and hands. The process typically takes less than 30 minutes, and afterward, your skin can be somewhat red, similar to a sunburn. It takes only a couple of days for skin to look fairly normal, but results gradually become apparent. Natural collagen growth happens over weeks and months, so it isn’t an instant fix, but your skin will be much improved over the long term.

“I love that New Leaf has added aesthetics! I have done Botox as well as Micropenning and have seen great results! My skin is clearer and just has a fresh look about it. It is great that New Leaf offers services that can help you from the inside out!”    – Caitlin S., New Leaf Wellness Patient, more testimonials here

You may need more than one treatment.

This isn’t a one and done procedure. Depending on the skin areas treated and what you’re trying to achieve, somewhere between three and six micro-needling treatments are typically required for optimal results. Those looking to treat deep wrinkles, stretch marks, severe sun damage or scarring may need six or more micro-needling treatments. To ensure the safety of your skin, treatments are usually spaced out three weeks to a month apart. Medical micro-needling belongs only in the hands of a skilled professional trained in the technique. Perish the thought of anyone going around and poking their own face in pursuit of skin health and beauty. Life happens but, in the right hands and with the right tools, it doesn’t have to show on your skin. Micro-needling can also be used as an easy complexion pick-me-up. Combined with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, micro-needling can deliver instant plumping, making it a great treatment to do several days before a big event. But that comes with a big proviso that you’ve had it tested first to know for a fact that your skin can tolerate it. It’s not uncommon that after the first few treatments at least, your skin will be slightly red and may feel sunburnt.

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