The staff is so helpful and encouraging. I am feeling better after losing 20lbs and identifying foods I am sensitive to. It’s been an easy program to follow and looking forward to more improvements in my body. Thanks!

B.S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Started my journey with New Leaf two months ago and i have lost a total of 21.6 pounds! The program works. It’s hard work but all the staff is super supportive. They have been there cheering me on every step of the way.

D.F., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

This program works! It was an easy decision to be healthy and fit; however I was afraid of what I needed to do- a path that I had been down before with other diets and programs. I had seen commercials for NLW but never gave it much thought. I continued to try and retry the typical diets- keto, atkins, nutrisystem, whole 30, etc. Sometimes I had successes but even those times I did, I gained the weight back quickly. So, I knew I wanted to try something new. I gave NLW a call. From the very first day, the service and information I received from the staff made me feel secure in my decision. Through the months ahead I found following the program became second-nature and the pounds literally melted away. The food plan was very easy to follow. I was not hungry, and I had the energy to continue normal workouts. My body has been transformed. I had to shop for new clothing as I lost over 30 pounds and countless inches in 8 weeks. I have now set a new course for a healthier lifestyle. Thank you to the wonderful NLW team especially Roxy for helping me accomplish my goals and guiding me every step of the way!

Adam R., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

My first week I’ve lost 19 pounds and my goal was 20 the first month. After my 16 weeks was done I’ve lost 64 pounds total and today I’m back to start again. Here’s to another successful 16 weeks.

D. R., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I’ve always been a heavier guy all my life which lead to self-esteem and self-image issues. My weight has fluctuated over the past 10+ years. I have estimated my heaviest weight was probably 325 lbs. because my scale error-ed out at 315 lbs. The lightest/fittest I’ve been was close to 215 lbs. I have tried several different methods of weight-loss all with varying degrees of success (just exercise, juicing produce, 21 Day Fix, Pi-Yo, meal replacement shakes).

After I got back from my honeymoon in the last week of December 2016, I was roughly 260 lbs. I tried to live a healthier lifestyle but didn’t see much progress. Then I heard a radio advertisement for New Leaf Wellness and I decided to give it a try. At the very least, I figured it would give me the kick-start that I needed to get back on track with my weight-loss goals.

I began New Leaf’s weight-loss program on May 6, 2017 when I was 255 lbs. I just completed my fifth week (Day 35) on the program and I’ve gained 2.7% Muscle Mass, and I’ve also lost 25.2 lbs., 4.8% Body Fat, 1.5” around my chest, 3.75” around my belly (navel), and 3” around my hips! I’m starting to feel better about myself, fit back into my smaller clothes, and feel more energetic and optimistic about life. My wife, family, friends, and even my co-workers have all noticed the difference.

I believe that even when I finish the program that I’ll still be able to continue to lose weight (albeit at a slower rate) until I reach my weight and health goals for the foreseeable future. Aside from the obvious instant results of the program, I believe I’ve learned a great deal more about my body than what the numbers tell me. So with all of this being said, I would undoubtedly recommend New Leaf Wellness and their weight-loss program.

Stuart M., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I started New Leaf in November of 2014. I weighed 285 pounds. New Leaf treatments gave me the energy to start working out again and over 18 months I lost 95 pounds through exercise and healthy eating, NOT DIETING, I’m too old for that. During my 18 months I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I was told I would miss several weeks of work and take months to recover. I missed 10 days of work and returned to the gym 2 weeks after my treatments which I attribute to my hormone therapy at New Leaf.

Van P., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I was always a big kid, but ten years after football I found myself at 420 Ibs., and nowhere near the athlete I used to be. Last October I knew something drastic had to change and that’s when I went to New Leaf Wellness. Instantly after meeting with the staff I knew that with the support of New Leaf’s incredible staff I was going to be successful. Like any diet, at first it was hard. But because of the drastic changes I saw almost overnight it was easy to stay dedicated. Three months later, I’m down almost 70 Ibs. and I’m starting to get the athleticism I’d lost back! I feel better than I ever have and continue to see drastic changes every week, even 3 months in! I will never be able to thank the amazing staff at New Leaf Wellness enough for giving me my life back.

Sam M., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

It has helped me lose 35 lbs in 6 weeks. Being in a wheelchair, and 42, weight loss has been getting harder with age. The program is very easy to follow and maintain.

Randy, Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I love New Leaf because the […] diet has helped me drop weight. I have tried to lose weight for ten years. I started at 242 and now weigh 159. Being in a wheelchair I am not the most active, and at age 43 my metabolism is not what it used to be either. This program has helped me learn a new way to live and keep my weight under control even in the weeks I am not taking […].

Randy H., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

**While these results are typical, your individual results may vary.

The staff at New Leaf always goes above and beyond every time I come in. From their helpfulness to the way they greet you, it is always a great Weight Loss visit.

D.S., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you took the time to go into the Advanced Weight Loss Program for me. I am hoping that following the program will allow me to shed the weight. I Appreciate you talking me through all, I am so excited for the future with your support!

R. M., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Since I have started going to NLW I have lost over 20 pounds. Along with losing the weight I have also received vitamin B12 injections and they have helped me feel better. I am really thankful for the staff. They are very helpful and friendly.

J. R., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**

Learn to make better choices on foods and drinks for healthier you. To be better aware of how to eat healthy.

Bryan H., Under Care of New Leaf Wellness Providers**