Watching your weight can be a full-time job. Dodging doughnuts in the break room at work and avoiding the chocolate cake that’s calling your name at home can leave you stressed — and hungry! Not to fear, though; there’s a sweet solution to your sticky situation: weight-loss lollipops.

Okay, candy is generally not what you would look to for shedding pounds, but thanks to a weight loss lollipop, candy can keep you slender this slim-down season. The lollipop is packed with a  proprietary blend that includes vitamins to combat cravings and increase energy.

“I have found that a lot of patients generally have a hard time with cravings and appetite,” says Kristin Dwyer, Pharmacist In Charge at New Leaf Specialty Pharmacy. “The phentermine decreases appetite and helps with energy.”

Our lollipops are ideal for busy people who find themselves tired and hungry throughout the day.

“You can carry them anywhere, and people won’t even know you’re on a diet,” Dwyer says. “A consistent patient can lose about half a pound a day.”  The lollipop is a proprietary formula of New Leaf Specialty Pharmacy

At New Leaf Wellness, the Weight Loss Program starts with drawing blood from patients to determine if they are healthy and able to move forward with the Weight Loss Program and the lollipop. The Weight Loss Program also comes with an eating plan and journal, which helps patients become more knowledgeable about appropriate portions as well as how to exercise to stay healthy.

Not only do these lollipops suppress hunger and charge the body with energy, but they also get the nervous system working more efficiently, which plays a big role in weight loss.

Most Americans are constipated because the nervous system is not working properly and that can be a cause of constipation, that can make it harder to lose weight. With the right eating plan and the lollipops, patients are better equipped for success on the weight loss program. This is a perfect answer for people who struggle getting to their desired weight…

At New Leaf Wellness, our Advanced Weight Loss Program is great for both men and women.