Why laser hair removal now is a common question we answer daily. Here’s what we say: It’s currently winter, so most of us are swaddled in layers of sweaters and outerwear, covered up to the eyebrows. Over the winter, we don’t tend to be thinking ahead to the summer months although they will be here in just a couple months… So, as some of us may be just trying to get keep our walks shoveled. We’re waiting for the snow and gloom to go and summer to come! 

But summer comes around in a hurry, once the seasonal wheel turns. The transition from winter to spring can be a little abrupt in some parts of the USA, so it pays to start thinking about summer preparation now.

Below, we’re going to share with you why winter is a great time for laser hair removal. There are several advantages to having the treatment during the cold months of the year. Read on and find out why winter is a great time to get smooth!

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Following laser hair removal, you’ll need to cover up the areas you’ve had treated, to protect them from the sun. Your skin can be sensitive to UV rays and heat after treatment.

With sunlight during the winter greatly reduced and your skin covered up to keep warm, conditions are ideal for laser hair removal. Technicians can even treat your unwanted hair at a higher frequency to expedite the process.

The cold weather offers the perfect setting for laser hair removal, enhancing the process by offering a cool environment.

Transitioning to smooth.

Laser hair removal causes your hair to fall out on its own, but this can take time.  Exfoliating the skin adequately helps the process and encourages ingrown hairs to resolve themselves. Winter also offers you the opportunity aid the process with summer-ready skin care rituals.

Because you’re covered up, you’ll be more inclined to let the therapy do its work, without attempting to hasten it.  Those residual fuzzy bits won’t bother you a bit, because they’ll be your little secret until the big reveal, when warm weather hits.

Ready for summer, 2018!

Depending on how much hair you’re treating, laser hair removal may take several sessions to rid you of all the hair being targeted. Another reason why winter is a great time for laser hair removal is that it gives you time.

When you pursue a course of laser hair removal treatments, you’ll find that a down develops, which is not at all like hair that returns after shaving, which is coarse.  Eventually, you’ll see less and less of this down and more and more smooth.

Which means you’re ready to hit the beach, looking stunning and feeling incredible!

Get your smooth on.

At New Leaf Wellness, we know that beauty is a personal thing. It’s also a process that requires expert assistance. Sometimes, it pays to know the ropes before approaching a cosmetic therapy like laser hair removal, so we offer you a free consult… feeling beautiful for you is important to us!