Are you suffering from a stubborn health problem that will not go away no matter what you try? Have you left the doctor’s office feeling like are not any closer to relief? Or perhaps the medications and treatments you are taking are not actually getting at the root cause of your illness but addressing the symptoms you are experiencing? Bottomline, is your food making you sick?

What You Need To Know

If you feel this way, or know someone that does, consider some important facts:

  • Medical research has shown that sensitivities to food and food-chemicals can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems.
  • Sensitivities are a type of inflammatory reactions that is entirely different than food allergy and most doctors are unaware they are different.
  • If foods and additives in your diet are contributing to your illness, whatever medications you take will ultimately fail because they only mask the symptoms. They don’t treat the underlying cause of the symptoms – hidden inflammation caused by sensitivity reactions to foods and food-chemicals.
  • And as is too often the case, many medications have side effects that can lead to other health problems.
If food sensitivities are causing your illness, and you do not properly address them, you could easily end up suffering for many years, spending thousands of dollars for treatments that will never work the way you want. You are not alone. Unfortunately, this is the experience of millions of Americans who have mis-diagnosed or neglected food sensitivities.

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Are you not feeling the full effects of Natural Hormone Therapy?
  • Do you have low energy and fatigue?
  • Do you have joint pain and achiness (including headaches)?
  • Are you seeing an increase in weight gain?
  • Are you suffering from impaired memory or brain fog?
The above are all signs of INFLAMMATION.
“Now, let me tell you about the New Leaf Food Sensitivity Test. I lost weight on the New Leaf Weight Loss programs, but some of the pounds had inched back on and I couldn’t figure out why. That’s when I took the Food Sensitivity Test and found out there were 35 foods I shouldn’t be eating. I’ve lost 15 pounds since making the change…1 pound per week!”
– Bonnie Lucas, WHO Radio Host & New Leaf Wellness Patient, see more
We may be ingesting foods that cause low to severe levels of inflammation. Actually, food sensitivities lead to imbalances in the gut, these sensitivities may or may not manifest a symptom right away (some reactions can be delayed up to 7 days after consumption, making it very hard to pinpoint what the sensitivity is to). Therefore, food is medicine and you can start to heal your endocrine system through nutrition. You first have to identify and remove any barriers that are preventing your body from healing and creating balance.
A good place to start is with a food sensitivity test to see what foods are causing inflammation in your body.

Follow Up Treatment:

Follow the Dr’s recommendation on the elimination diet. Test yearly for the latest information on what is causing inflammation in your body. Be sure you are getting your follow up tests completed and you will not have chronic health problems due to inflammation caused by sensitivities of food.