Before you stress over last minute baking, shopping or preparing for guests – remember the holidays are about creating memories and so much more.

We wish you joy this season as you gather with friends & family to celebrate this special holiday. So, Relax. Sit back. Embrace your loved ones tightly…but remember us next year and let us help you reach your 2019 health and wellness New Year Goals!

& Congrats to our NLW Patients who hit their goals in 2018! Here’s a few…

New Leaf Wellness has helped me gain more control of my health. Weight loss has been easier and effective. My blood pressure has come down and stayed down in a healthy range. The food sensitivity testing has been a game changer for me. Knowledge is power! My symptoms (not just the fat) have much to do with what I was eating. The simple blood test helped me decide what I was willing to deal with in regards to stiff joints, feeling achy, etc. If I want to feel great, I eat “clean” for me- only food in which I do not have a sensitivity. Thank you!” – Janet L.

They help me get my life back- play, work, sex and to feel great again! I feel young again!” – Rodney W.

I have more energy and look forward to the day’s events. Higher sex drive. No more mood swings or anxiety! Life is great!” – Carol B.

I lost 35 pounds in 60 days on the hcg weight loss program. I have been able to maintain my weight loss for over 5 months now. I am looking forward to starting the program again soon to continue my weight loss goals.” – Christe T.

My strength and overall health has improved, sex life with my beautiful lady has been great. I sleep better and not [having] night sweats.” – Ken D.

I have been doing NLW for 3 years. It has helped with hot flashes, increased my libido and it also helps with dry crappy skin. The gals at NLW are always very personable and smiling face behind the desk. The treatment has also helped with my mood swings. I am at a more balanced level instead of being grumpy and irritable. I would recommend the hormone treatments for any female 50+.” – Rochelle H.


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Happy Holidays from our New Leaf Wellness family to yours!