Glutathione (GSH) is a small protein molecule, or tri-peptide that is formed by three amino acids which include Glycine, Cysteine and Glutamic acid. Glutathione is found in a large quantity in the liver and it plays a key role in supporting the immune system. Medical experts say that glutathione is the most effective and efficient endogenous anti-oxidant. It is important to note that the accumulation of oxidative damage which is a biochemical mechanism is closely related to aging. There is a direct relationship between the decrease of Glutathione concentrations and aging. Most scientists are now convinced that a high level of Glutathione will reduce the rate of aging, detoxify your liver, support the immune system and protect body cells from free radicals.


Supplementing Glutathione

As people grow older, the levels of Glutathione drop and the ability of the body to detoxify free radicals decreases. Glutathione is produced inside the human cells where the production is determined by Glutathione precursors such as the amino acid cysteine. You are advised to consume foods that have high Glutathione amino acid precursors such as raw fruits, vegetables and whey proteins. The faster and easier way to increase your GSH levels is through direct supplementing or “push” that gives immediate results. Supplementing Glutathione levels in your body is a fantastic way to improve your health and longevity potential. Recent studies have shown that above the age of 20 the production of Glutathione decreases by 1 percent each year due to toxic overloads, poor diet and free radical stress. We’re more than happy to explain the benefits in more detail and help you get started on Glutathione Therapy at New Leaf Wellness


Three Main Benefits of Glutathione

a.) Anti-oxidation and Free Radical Hunters

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant found in the bodies cells. There are other antioxidants such as vitamin C and E which depend on glutathione to function effectively. Alpha lipoic acid is also an antioxidant which depends on Glutathione for its functions. Free radicals are waste products that remain after cells consume oxygen and nutrients. These radicals are picked up by vitamins C and E, and then passed to GSH. Glutathione is used to neutralize the free radicals that are very harmful to the body. With low levels of glutathione, even the best vitamins cannot perform their functions effectively. Any person interested in slowing down the rate of the aging process should take the advantage of anti oxidation and neutralization of free radicals provided by Glutathione.


b.) Increased Immune System

The immune system is used to protect your body against diseases and foreign matter which can cause the flu, cancer, and allergies among others. The immune system is able to protect your body in two ways, the first way is by producing antibodies that fight foreign cells in your body. The second way is by lymphocytes that keep on circulating in the blood stream. Glutathione boosts the immune system by availing the B and T cells which are fighter cells that are used to attack any foreign cell in your body. GSH will replenish the fighter cells in your body after attacking the harmful foreign cells.


c.) Detoxifier and Neutralizer

A high concentration of glutathione is found​​ in the liver, lungs and kidneys. These organs help to eliminate toxins, wastes and heavy metals. Glutathione binds with toxins and poisons in your body, and make them water soluble so that they can pass through your body. By increasing glutathione in your body you will able to support your liver, lungs and kidneys in eliminating wastes, along with every living cell in your body. When you eliminate the toxins and waste from you body you will notice increased energy, faster healing and decreased pain.  Also your metabolism is better balanced, your sleep is improved and you can think more clearly.