A quick visit to your local grocery store confirms the American public reads labels on the boxes and cans of food purchased for consumption. In bold letters, many products proudly display that no genetically modified organism (nonGMO) is used in the production of the food, signifying that it is a much healthier product!

How many of you who select a nonGMO product over one that has been genetically modified use the same discretion in selecting your hormone replacement? Yes, both guys and gals!

Hormone therapy, like food products, comes in the “natural” variety and also a “modified” version, better known as synthetic.  Just as GMO modified foods have potential for harm in our bodies, synthetic hormones have potential harm associated with using them in our bodies, while the “natural” or better called bio-identical hormones have a safety and benefit record for long term health and wellness! 

If that “wets your appetite” for more information, look for our next blog entry to give you more specifics on the differences…and keep reading those labels!