Many people try keeping a food diary or cutting out certain foods, but it can be hard to ascertain what the culprits are and a diet suitable for one person may not help another as every individual has his or her own food triggers.

What does it mean to be a food detective?

Understanding your personal food and drink intolerances or ‘food fingerprint’ can help you identify what you are reacting to. The Biotrinetix Food Sensitivity blood testing program can pinpoint precisely which foods are causing elevated levels of IgG antibodies in your blood, as it tests reactions to foods, and shows degree of reaction through a ‘traffic light’ system – red for high, amber borderline and green for no reaction. It is also important to get expert nutritional advice, so you can replace your trigger foods with balanced alternatives.

A lot of people now are self-diagnosing, the fad being gluten-free and dairy-free. People are doing that without any support and sometimes without replacing eliminated foods with something equally nutritious. They are doing that on their own and starting an elimination diet with no knowledge at all. What Biotrinetix Test provides is a starting point for an elimination diet, with results that reflect the body’s needs. The IgG antibodies are there in your blood, we measure them accurately and let you know about the foods your body is fighting. “ – NLW Provider

We encourage anyone who experiences negative symptoms after eating and drinking that they think may be attributable to food or drink ingredients to find out what’s personally holding them back from being the healthiest they can be. We’ve learned from our customers’ feedback that a diet personalized not only holds the key to good health but losing weight too.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

– Titus Lucretius Carus, Roman poet and philosopher

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